Formulas for Incense: In the incense recipes which follow, you will be using some liquid ingredients by the dram,1/4 dram, etc. Therefore I am including a handy, conversion table.

1/8 fl. oz. = 1 dram = 1/2 tsp. plus 1/8 tsp.

1/4 fl. oz. = 2 drams = 1/2 tbsp.

1/2 fl. oz. = 4 drams = 1 tbsp.

3/4 fl. oz. = 6 drams = 1 tbsp. plus. 1/2 tbsp.

1 fl. oz. = 8 drams = 2 tbsp.

Tincture of Benzoic

In many of the recipes that follow, you will use tincture of benzoic. You can make your own as follows:

Power two ounces of benzoic gum and add 4 oz. of water and 12 oz. of alcohol. keep this mixture tightly capped and bottled for two weeks and shake daily. If you prefer, a teaspoon of glycerin may be added. After two weeks strain and bottle the liquid for use

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