Earth Magick

You will need a bowl of rich topsoil. Charge the soil with your intent and then cast the soil into a freshly planted garden, flower bed or plant. As you visualize your intent, chant:
"Into this soil through my hand,
My intent I do command,
Make it last, make it strong,
>From Earth to me where it belongs."

Water Magick

You will need a stone and something to write with. Charge the stone with your intent and write the intent on the stone, if you like. If you have access to a pond, river, lake or stream, cast the stone into the body of water.. Know that the water will carry your intent and bring forth your magick. Chant the following as you visualize your magick happening:
"With my intent into this stone,
Which in the water I have thrown.
Water grant this spell to me,
So that the results I soon may see."

If you do not have access to a body of water, you can use a bathtub or shower. As you sit in the bath water or stand in the running shower, allow the water to flow and carry your intent away from you as it goes into the drain. Visualize your intent and chant:
"Water running in the night,
Underneath the Moon so bright.
Grant to me this spell I weave,
So soon my wish I will achieve."

Fire Magick

You will need a pen, a piece of paper, and a cauldron or other nonflammable container. If you want the spell to happen quickly, use flash paper. If you want to see it happen over a period of time, use regular paper. Make your sacred space, cast your circle, and write your intent on the paper. As you write your intent, visualize the magick happening and chant the following:

"Element of Fire burning bright,
I call you here with me tonight.
Fulfill this desire sent to thee,
Work this magick just for me.

Air Magick

To make a powder, choose herbs that match your intent. Grind them with the magickal oil of your intent. Then stir in talc of a color that matches your intent. Empower the mixture by focusing on your intent and saying this chant:

"With this intent the magick I dare,
To send out to the element of Air.
The magick I cast this spell I'll see,
This is my will so mote it be."


"With this intent I call to Air,
To cast my spell to the winds so fair,
And bring my heart's desire to me.
This is my will so mote it be."

Go outdoors, put your back to the wind, close your eyes, see the magick happen, and blow the powder into the wind. Always remember that visualization is key with all spells. Visualize the magick happening as you feel the wind at your back and blow the powder into the air.

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