Candle Spell

Candle spells tend to be the most inexpensive to perform here is a quick clean spell .

An All-Purpose Candle Spell

This is a quick, uncomplicated ritual designed to be used for all positive purposes. You'll need one candle of the appropriate
color, one holder, and matches.

When you're ready to begin, hold the candle between the palms of your hands..

Breathe deeply. Visualize your goal.

Push personal, programmed power into the candle between your hands.

Feel the energy streaming into it.

Say appropriate words if you wish simply stating what you need to occur.

Place the candle in its holder.

Strike a match above the candle and draw down the flame toward the candle. Light the wick.

Put the still-flaming match into a heat-proof container (or extinguish its flame with a quick flip of the wrist).

Hold your hands around the candle's flame. Feel the energy. Visualize strongly.

Leave the area. Let the candle do its work.

but most of all have faith in your craft!

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