Blessing Your Candles

The blessing of a Candle is ritual that is very personal and they should be blessed
by first touching a small amount of oil
depending on the spell you wish to bring fourth, holding your taper in your hands and placing the impression through visualization and

As you recite your spell you should rub from the middle of your taper towards the top once begun you must only
massage in the same direction as you rub the taper . after you have "burned "your spell into the upper half you reverse the
process with the lower half of the candle again rubbing in only the direction from middle outward the same as with the top

now as for colors there are actually many schools of thought on this in my mind the color of a taper matters much less than the
amount of working that has been infused into the candle itself. but there are many list of specific traditions favored color for different types of spell in the next pages I will give candle meanings and more info. stay tuned lol!

Now circles takes some power of visualization you work the circle clockwise three times while visualizing the power
flowing from your hands in a green or blue mist of power flowing from you as you walk the circle you then visualize that
formation of power growing up around your circle until it meets at the top the close it at the bottom to create a sphere of your
own power and power borrowed from the goddess in calling the deities its a very personal thing for you do not "call " or
"order" a god or goddess you invite or request their presence and aid in your working after the ritual again you should thank and
perhaps leave an offering or sacrifice such as love cake or ale or wine something to thank them for the help that they have

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