A Pagan's Child Alphabet

A is Athame, the knife that we use.

B is for Beltaine, when partners we choose.

C is for Circle where we all are one.

D is for Deosil, path of the Sun.

E is for Esbat, when we gather round.

F is for Fire and its crackling sound.

G is for the Goddess in beauty and love.

H is the Horned One, our Father above.

I is for Imbolg, candles light the way,

J is for June when it's Midsummer's Day.

K is for Karma, the things that we do.

L is for Lammas, harvest's almost through!

M is for Moon, riding way up so high,

N is for Nighttime, which darkens the sky.

O is for Ostara, when we hunt for eggs,

P is for Pan, with hairy goat legs.

Q is the Quarters and there are just four,

R for the Rites when we open the Door.

S is for Samhain, end of the year,

T is for Tarot cards, futures to hear

U is Undines from the watery West,

V is Vervain for protection and rest.

W is Widdershins, the path of the moon.

X is the sign that's the sign of the God.

Y is for Yule and the sun's return,

Z is the Zodiac, 12 signs to learn.

Copyright 1989, Breid Foxsong

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