Certain foods and flavorings are
touched with magic. Perhaps they are
associated with old tales, spiritual significance,

or simply a piquant taste that
conveys something to us in an intuitive
way. Whatever the reason,

such feeling applies to all foods and I see and feel,

 food as a magical way to stay alive therefore

I enjoy cooking and I call it My Magic.

 I have embarked on a journey to be healthy and  stay fit.

  This means what goes in my mouth

 has to be clean organic and healthy.

 Come join us in a Magical experience with food!

and clean living I will post all  recipes that are of healthy good and clean

all I ask is you post to the Guest book

and make sure you leave pictures of you're recipes

I am so excited and looking forward to reading and cooking!!

 and share you're Magic with us.

Blessed Be! and Happy Eating!!

before 198 lbs

 5 months later

4 cups a day  Organic Green tea and Yoga regimen 4 times a week

 find the Yoga that suits you're life.

 The best way to get healthy

follow me on Pintrest

I have many fine Yoga routines you can adapt to you're needs spiritual and otherwise.

after 148 lbs.








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