"The Singer and the Dragon"

By: Chris Cooper

One of the more disturbing revelations of modern physics is the law of entropy, which predicts the destiny of the universe and everything in it is total chaos. Yet despite this inexorable trend, our restless universe persistently blossoms with order, from the structure of DNA to the human body to the shape of galaxies-all of it transient, doomed to break down and die. In the face of such gloom, reassurance can be found in the oldest of sources: creation myths, both Wiccan and those of ancient mythologies. Or better yet, a synthesis of the two...

In the beginning, there is Unu , and Unu is All; from its harmony and its discord all things flow, and to its ever-shifting pattern all things return, for in truth they have never left. But in the end, beyond Unu, the dragon waits: the all-consuming nameless, whose gaping maw forever strives to swallow all sound and to extinguish all light.

feeling the cold breath of the dragon as it drew near, the great goddess Unu raised her voice and began to sing; and this song of diversity, intolerable to the dragon, became the Goddess's sole weapon in her struggle against the beast. The magic of the song set to work instantly, changing one into many, so the Goddess now has three faces and wears three different forms, the better to fight the dragon with The first face, shining with the fearsome light of the flaming eyes, is that of Cosmos, Lord of the stars; the second face is that of gray-haired Kronos, Father Time; and the third face remains forever hidden in the shadow for it belongs to the dark lord, Night, the Master of the Mind and the Lord of Things Unseen. Together, The Three Who Are One struggle against the dragon to this very day. But the great song had only just begun.....

The Three Who Are One looked out into the void and saw their own reflection, knowing themselves at last for who they truly were: Unu in her fullness, beckoning her other selves as suitors. Through the power of her song, she shattered all boundaries so that reflection and self could momentarily touch. Seeing the beautiful goddess made manifest before him, the bright lord Cosmos could not contain the fiery lust within him; his powerful body surged toward her, rashly pushing his two breathe aside. Night too was smitten, falling in love with the goddess for her fathomless complexity; but he courteously stepped aside and with a knowing smile that on his shadowed face none could see, he let the physically superior Cosmos lie with the goddess first. Aged Kronos, meanwhile, had absolutely no carnal interest in the Goddess; the twilight lord was well beyond such desires and focused his attention with infinite patience on his sole task: shepherding the passage of time.

And indeed, a long time passed before Cosmos, in ecstasy with Unu and had finally spent himself. But once he had , it was time for Night's long awaited union with the Great Goddess, she was already pregnant with billions upon billions of children from Cosmos's potent seed, so virile was he; but now Night set his plan in motion, for as he lay with the Goddess he used his magick to change the nature of all that was in Unu's womb, so that the countless children that would have been cosmos's would be his, Night's.

Learning of this after the fact, Cosmos was besides himself. He raged, and wept fiery tears from his flaming eyes. and finally, sought help from Kronos. With a heavy sight, the graybeard intervened, joining with the Great Goddess himself. Thought he could not undo Night's spell, Kronos added his own magic to it, so that although all things born of Unu would fall to Night's domain, they would do so only at their appointed hr.

And so from the Great Goddess were born the children of Cosmos, the celestial gods trillions of worlds and stars, beautiful daughters and radiant sons whose dance forms the whirling heavens and whom Cosmos lovingly embraces in the folds of his cloak of space. To Kronos the Goddess bore a single child, their son Doom alone, saved for his father, as temporal god, from Night's seed, Unu gave birth to the nocturnal goddesses, the twin sisters Death and Sleep. With all these new melodies, the universe was born, reverberating with Unu's song.

And still the song unfolds, in infinite complexity...

Cosmos, his lust irrepressible, took all the trillions of celestial gods as his own lovers, shape shifting into myriad wondrous forms to pleasure them. But though Cosmos found each coupling exquisite and unique, none could rival that first joy of this union with the Great Goddess, a joy he vainly strives to re-create, finding her everywhere and yet nowhere until the end of time. Still, of all the celestials, the twin goddesses Maia and Luna were his favorite; his passion for them was matched only for their passion for each other. Thanks to Cosmos's potent seed, soon Maia gave birth to earthly life millions of species, from the lowliest microbe to the commonest weeds to the mightiest dinosaurs to humankind itself. Each was a new note, shifting in combinations harmonious and dissonant, of concordance and conflict, but all contributing to Unu's song.

Even now the Great Goddess sings her song of diversity, turning one into many, who dance to her spiraling tune, We were born of "Unu and that song. the children of fertile earth and starry sky, fated to return to her through Night's embrace at our appointed hour. Until then we sing, each of us and everything, creating all anew every day, holding the dragon at bay.

The End

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