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Water is the number-one key component to the spa experience, not to mention life on this planet.

 There is a great deal to be said about the magical healing, cleansing, and nourishing properties of water.

 In ancient Rome, France, Japan, and many other parts of the world, bathing was one of the most significant healing practices for a wide array of ailments, major and minor.

 There were baths for everyday health maintenance, and curative ones for times of sickness.

 Doctors prescribed a trip to the sea for patients, and they would go to seaside spas to "take the waters".

 Different herbs and oils were used to treat different maladies, often successfully.

 When you combine water with elements from the plant and mineral kingdoms,

There is a certain mysterious, miraculous synergy that creates forces for healing.

 Water is not only crucial to the spa experience it's crucial to


 Without water, there would be no life no humans, no animals, no plants, no food on Earth.

The Earth's surface is three quarters water.

Our bodies are 70 percent water, which is why

Water plays such an integral role in our health.

 We cleanse ourselves, inside and out, with water. When we drink water, we encourage the movement of toxins outward through our pores

And our elimination system. By bathing, we cleanse ourselves

From the outside in, as our bathwater penetrates our skin.

 Water also facilitates the flow of energy. For this reason, one of the best places to meditate and do creative visualization is the bathtub. The water encourages the outward flow of negative energy from the body, and it also magnetizes your thoughts and intentions. Focus on positive thoughts and desires, and they will be easily manifested. Be careful not to focus on negative ones!

 Drinking water also helps our brains to function more effectively. It's vital to drink a full, eight-ounce glass before a test, a meeting, or anytime you need to make a decision.

 Water is truly a magical, mystical thing. It has played a role not only in physical healing, but also in spiritual cleansing for ages two concepts that ancient cultures recognized, and we are now recognizing, to be closely linked.

Water is significant in Christian Baptism. In Orthodox Judaism, there is the ritual bath, the Mikvah, used by women monthly and by men before certain religious occasions.

 The Muslims have footbaths outside many of their mosques to be used before entering for prayer. In fact, the Dead Sea in Israel is a spiritual center for all three of these major religions.

Fine gifts sets for all occasions

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Fine gifts sets for all occasions

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